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Senzors news

Senzors unveils its new website as part of a global strategy aimed at exceeding customers' expectations.

The new website has been designed to enhance visitors' interaction with the information delivered. This allows to display information more appropriately and make customer's visit more enjoyable and effective.

New advanced features are on their way. These include an interactive selection guide and a online interactive product configurator. The product configurator will allow users to build their own product online using some standard or more special parts. And it will generate a correct part number for the product built.

Senzors releases a new high-precision wet/wet differential pressure transmitter (0.05%FS accuracy)

Based on a new true differential wet/wet pressure sensor, this differential pressure transmitter is especially suited for applications that require high precision in a differential pressure measurement. With a 0.05%FS accuracy it improves accuracy over a factor 10 compared to most available differential pressure transmitters.

PN1L From 0-3 psid to 0-30 psid
PN1M From 0-30 psid to 0-300 psid

Senzors releases a new wet/wet differential pressure sensor.

The is a highly-reliable, highly-stable wet/wet differential pressure sensor that easily find its place in almost any application.

PV9L From 0-3 psid to 0-30 psid
PV9M From 0-30 psid to 0-300 psid

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