Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Environmental commitment

Senzors is committed to protecting the environment, both as a sensor manufacturer and as an environmentally responsible corporation. We don't claim to be saving the world with a few lines on a web page, but as a company and individuals we do realize that we can make a difference. We believe it is our obligation to consider all aspects of waste impact throughout a products life cycle, from raw material selection through to sustainable production methods, as well as the reduction of waste and pollution in all our manufacturing processes.

Develop sensors to help protect the environment

Throughout our history, we’ve applied the principles of sound science to create products that help solve difficult environmental challenges. In many applications around the world, our sensing technologies are used to monitor, control and help protect the environment. The information they provide constitutes the foundation of sound decisions regarding optimum use of air, water and energy. Our sensors detect water leakage, adjust fuel consumption, optimize windmills green energy production and help reduce waste, to name a few of these applications.

Work with an environmental-friendly attitude

At Senzors we educate our employees about the environment, waste and toxicity. We strive to act exemplary regarding air, water and energy resources. It’s our responsibility as a company and as individuals.