Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Medical, Healthcare & Life sciences

Senzors is a leading provider of pressure sensors, pressure transducers and level transmitters for medical applications. Our devices meet the highest standards in terms of quality and reliability. Our offer extends from basic, uncompensated pressure sensors to fully amplified and temperature compensated pressure transmitters. We also provide pressure sensors with a I2C digital output and a serial peripheral interface (SPI). These pressure sensors eliminate the need of an ADC as they can be directly interfaced with customer's processing unit (microcontroller). Senzors brings many years of expertise in the field of medical technology and is trusted by medical equipment designers around the world.


  • Pressure monitoring in anesthesia machines
  • Pressure monitoring while inflating angioplasty balloon
  • Pressure monitoring during contrast dye infusion in angioplasty procedure
  • Pressure and temperature measurement in sterilizers
  • Pressure monitoring in autoclaves
  • Pressure monitoring in breathing machines, respiratory ventilation and medical ventilators
  • Pressure and temperature control in spectrograph and spectrometers
  • Tank level monitoring and control
  • Pressure and temperature measurement in dialysis machines