Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Trucks & Offroad vehicles

Off-road applications are amongst the toughest to exist. Equipment integrated in such vehicles have to be compact, sustain harsh conditions, temperature variations, vibrations and shocks, be immune to electrical interferences and resist to pressure spikes. Senzors is a recognized supplier of pressure sensors, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters and combined pressure temperature sensors for off-highway vehicles. Our engineers are trained to tackle these demanding applications.


  • Hydraulic pressure measurement in excavators, backhoes, forestry harvesters, forklifts, mining haul trucks
  • Pressure control of engine oil
  • Pressure and temperature measurement in intake manifold (MAP, TMAP and BAP)
  • Pressure monitoring of brakes and braking systems
  • Monitoring of water pressure
  • Monitoring of oil pressure
  • Monitoring of air pressure
  • Control of tire pressure