Bringing advanced technology to sensors


Company Overview

Senzors, Inc. is a privately-owned, international, fast growing company that designs, manufactures and markets high-technology sensors. Our constant focus on quality, progress and innovation puts us one step ahead of our competitors and makes us one of the leaders in our industry.


Our industry is currently facing a huge challenge as more and more emerging technologies (MEMS, fiber optic, CMOS, SOI, universal wireless protocols...) have a direct influence on, and will be used for the improvement of, currently available sensors. These new technologies will play a decisive role in the years to come and those who will not be able to keep up with these technologies will be left behind.

To achieve its goals, Senzors has based its plans on three key strategies: Strategic Acquisitions & Alliances, Market Expansion and Innovation. Senzors targets double-digit annual percentage sales and earnings growth.

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