Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Mission statement

A safer, more sustainable world through the use of sensors. Help people make better decision with smarter tools and equipment.

For the past decades Senzors has designed, manufactured and marketed many kind of sensors, always having in mind that our devices are used to help people take better decision. Anywhere our sensors are used, would it be as end products or as part of an OEM equipment they provide accurate, reliable information which helps optimize machinery or have people take better decisions. Sometimes that information may be terribly vital like for instance in medical equipment or in aircrafts. It is our mission to produce the best possible sensors using the most advanced technologies, to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

Encourage innovation and creativity

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Innovation and creativity fuel our activities on a daily basis. We listen to our customers, we listen to our suppliers, we are constantly reviewing technological advancements in all field. Thanks to these cooperations and partnerships, we keep an eye on what's evolving and we look at how we could use these evolutions to make our products better and improve our processes. We are convinced that technological developments and innovation will sustain our competitive advantage for the years to come.

Design high-quality product

Made for excellence - performance for the most stringent applications.

To have a more sustainable world we need high quality product, our customers can rely on for a long time. Senzors is working unreluctantly at improving the quality of its products, optimizing processes, designs and constructions.

Reduce costs to put sensors within everyone's reach

Senzors constantly focuses on improving its product with the latest technologies and to make them more cost effective.