Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Motorsport & Racing

In the world of motorsports and racing, would it be Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3000, NASCAR, motorcycles, trucks, boats, performance is everything. Sometimes only a fraction of a second lost on the track can ruin hours of engineers’ work. All components must be perfectly adjusted and designed as weight and size/space are often part of the equation. Senzors designs and manufactures high performance compact pressure sensors, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters and combined pressure temperature sensors to be used in motorsport and racing. Our products provide the accuracy, precision and reliability required by racing vehicles.


  • Pressure monitoring of brakes and braking systems
  • Pressure and temperature measurement in turbochargers, compressors and injection systems
  • Pressure control of fuel injection
  • Monitoring of water pressure
  • Monitoring of oil pressure
  • Monitoring of air pressure
  • Pressure and temperature measurement in intake manifold (MAP, TMAP and BAP)