Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Pump Manufacturing

In order to optimize pump speed and power consumption, old technology pumps which used pressure switches and either operated at full speed or were completely switched off, are being replaced by variable speed pumps (VSP). In such cases, pressure sensors are essential as they allow fine tuning of the pump’s speed while maintaining the desired outlet pressure. Senzors manufactures and provides rugged and reliable pressure sensors, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, combined pressure and temperature sensors and level probes for pumps. These devices can be integrated in the pump and be an integral part of it or they can be mounted externally.


  • Monitoring of outlet pressure to optimize pump speed
  • Pump regulation
  • Pressure monitoring in centrifugal pumps
  • Empty pipe detection (EPD)
  • Net positive suction head available (NPSHa)
  • Flow measurement
  • Discharge pressure measurement
  • Tank (seal pots) level measurement
  • Pump efficiency control by the direct thermodynamic method