Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Engine & Motor Manufacturing

Improving engine efficiency and reliability are top priorities for engine manufacturers. Due to new regulations the environmental performance of engines is also crucial as emission limits should not be exceeded. Motors need to be greener and sensors play an important role. They help cut fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Many of these sensors operate in rough and harsh conditions that involve extreme temperatures, vibrations and exposure to environmental contaminants. Yet, these provide vital data parameters to the electronic control unit (ECU). Senzors portfolio consists of a large number of pressure sensors, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters and combined pressure temperature sensors. Our sensing solutions follow the highest quality standards, offering supreme accuracy and reliability. Durable, robust and stable, they come in different ranges and sizes depending on the application.


  • Pressure and temperature measurement in turbochargers, compressors and injection systems
  • Pressure control of fuel injection
  • Monitoring of water pressure
  • Monitoring of oil pressure
  • Monitoring of air pressure
  • Pressure and temperature measurement in intake manifold (MAP, TMAP and BAP)