Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Custom sensor solutions

Beyond offering a comprehensive selection of more than 3000 sensors including pressure sensors, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, level probes and combined pressure temperature instruments, Senzors specializes in designing and manufacturing new ground-breaking custom sensor solutions. Every year we design hundreds of customized solutions for our customers. Our engineering team thrives on innovation and on solving any challenge, no matter how difficult or complex. Leverage decades of knowledge and experience using the most advanced sensing technologies.

Yes, we can!

We’ve steadily gained a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative sensor provider in the marketplace. This distinction has garnered the respect of high-profile clients worldwide who have exclusively selected Senzors for solving their most challenging needs.

From medical, avionics, defense, OEM, engineering, water treatment and into the frontiers of outer space, Senzors has become the high-performance partner for highly customized applications. In this process, we earned the added distinction as having the most reliable and advanced product in the industry.

Modular design for easy customization

We’ve developed unique modular sensor designs. This means that we now have a number of building blocks that can be combined to create a customized solution for a large number of different applications. Due to this modular design, our sensors are easy and fast to implement which results in reduced investment costs and lead time. New designs can leverage existing technology blocks or include the development of new technologies to provide new levels of performance and functionality.

Where to begin?

First, with so many standard products to choose from, it's hard to narrowing down your choice to the right product for your application. Our sales personnel and application engineers are available to help you make informed sensing decisions. Do not hesitate to contact them.

If none of our existing products meet your requirements, adapting an existing component or subassembly design to minimize customization expense and lead time may just be what you need. Our staff of senior engineers will review your requirements and recommend the most adapted solution.

We also understand that sensing solutions require custom sensor features. Since each application is unique, integrating commercial off-the-shelf sensors does not often produce the desired outcome given the broad operating parameters that must be accommodated. We specialize in custom sensor development, engineering and manufacture particularly designed to fit difficult and unique applications. Our team is made of firmware developers, mechanical engineers, electronic experts and sensor designers ready to tackle customer projects.

We can also manage the qualification of the custom solution thanks to our partnership with external testing and certification laboratories: environmental tests, shocks, vibrations, EMC, qualification to a norm (UL, CSA, FM, CE, ATEX, RTCA-DO-160, MIL-STD-810 for instance).

What about cost?

Usually, people think that custom solutions are more expensive than standard products and take longer to get. In fact, custom solutions can be less expensive than a standard product. On our side, we can simplify a construction or a design because standard features may not be useful or may be redundant once integrated in an OEM assembly. On your side, having to use additional components or adaptations to be able to use an off-the-shelf sensor often means higher cost of ownership.

And lead time?

Thanks to our expertise and our modular design, custom solutions can be implemented within rather short lead times. In many cases our lead times for custom products are shorter than those of other manufacturers for standard products.

No minimum quantities

At Senzors we are devoted to supporting customers even at low volume. Regardless of whether you require a custom sensor solution for a piece of machinery or you require 300,000 sensors per year, Senzors is highly experienced in determining the most cost and time efficient methods to design, manufacture and test sensors specific to the needs of the application. We will even consider designing tailored one-off solutions if required.