Bringing advanced technology to sensors

Energy & Utilities (Power generation)

Faced with new government regulations, rising consumer demand for affordable, environment friendly electricity and ageing infrastructure, the Energy and Utilities industry is in the midst of drastic changes. The transition calls for grid modernization and smarter electricity grids. The Energy and Utilities industry is shifting toward Industry 4.0 and the smart energy management. This goes along with an increased use of sensors. Thanks to many years of experience, Senzors provides a wide range of sensing solutions including pressure sensors, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, combined pressure and temperature sensors and level probes.


  • Dam water level monitoring
  • Manufacturing of smart water meters
  • Manufacturing of smart gas meters
  • Water leak detection
  • SF6 gas density in switchgears
  • Hydraulic pitch control system in wind turbines
  • Windmills' yaw and pitch control
  • Pressure measurement in hydraulic cylinders
  • Oil pressure and temperature measurement in windmills