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Submersible level transmitter - Model PL1M

Level transmitter PL1M

Product description

Senzors’ model PL1M is a rugged, versatile submersible level transmitter that utilizes the latest leading-edge technologies to measure hydrostatic pressure. With its excellent stability and proven reliability, the PL1M provides unequaled performance and is designed for any application that requires a low to medium level measurement. Its modular design makes it a general-purpose submersible level probe that can serve as the basis for a unique custom solution without sacrificing price and high performance. Different materials and cables are available.

The sensing element is a solid-state, piezoresistive MEMS silicon die. This technology provides excellent repeatability, increased long-term stability and reliability, and virtually no hysteresis. The silicon strain gage is fitted into a 316L stainless steel package and is completely isolated from the media.

The sensor signal is amplified by conventional analog electronics which provides a high-level output from an unregulated voltage supply and a fast response time with no latency, thanks to pure analog signal processing. Each unit is fully tested, compensated and calibrated for pressure and temperature. Each transmitter is shipped with a traceable calibration card.

The electronic circuit is packaged in a hermetically-sealed, all-welded 316L stainless steel housing enabling the PL1M to be immersed in water without internal leakage. This design makes the PL1M ideal for level measurements that can involve hostile liquids in the most severe environments.


Physical characteristics
Pressure range 0 to 2 bar through 0 to 20 bar
Pressure type ✔ absolute ✔ vented gage ✔ sealed gage ✔ compound
Vacuum possible, down to 1 μbar absolute
Safe overpressure 1.5 x
Burst pressure 2 x
Environmental characteristics
Storage temperature -40 to 100°C
Operating temperature extremes -40°C, 100°C
Maximum operating temperature span 140°C
Ambient temperature -40 to 100°C
Electrical characteristics (choose one circuit)
Power supply / excitation 8 - 32 VDC 13 - 32 VDC 8 - 32 VDC 8 - 32 VDC
Output signal 4 - 20 mA 0 - 10 VDC 0 - 5 VDC 0.5 - 4.5 VDC
Current draw 20 mA 5 mA 5 mA 4 mA
Response time 5 ms 5 ms 5 ms 5 ms
Mechanical characteristics
Electrical connections ✔ PE cable
Materials available 316L Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium
Seal materials available FKM, EPDM, Silicone, NBR
Performance (depending on temperature compensation range)
Compensated temperature range 0 to 50°C
Linearity ±0.2%FS
Hysteresis ±0.005%FS
Repeatability ±0.005%FS
Zero offset ±2mV
Span offset ±0
Temperature drift of Zero ±0.01%FS/K
Temperature drift of Sensitivity ±0.03%/K
Stability (per annum) ±0.1%FS

All values are typical values.